Nic Fiddian-Green b. 1963

The sculpture of Nic Fiddian-Green is at once deeply traditional and startlingly modern. The ragged and physical look of his horses with their rough impressionist surface and rough-cut and riveted panels recall a whole lineage of modernism from Rodin, Bourdelle and Rosso, through Cubism, to post-war figures such as Frink and Marini, and also contemporaries like William Turnbulll, Chris Lebrun and Deborah Butterfield.


At the same time his inspiration is clearly Classical. In particular, there is the influence of the Parthenon Frieze which so enthused him as a student and spurred him to become an artist. In his remarkable sculpture the poetry and lofty dignity of the horse heads draw responses from the viewer that are fundamentally, if unconsciously, rooted in the ideas of the Antique and of Arcadia, yet remain strangely Contemporary.