Vincent Balfour-Browne British, 1880-1963

Vincent Balfour-Browne was born in Dumfries and studied at Oxford. He was a keen deer stalker and excelled in producing highly evocative works that give a strong sense of weather and the natural environment. Balfour-Browne also worked as an illustrator, contributing to many sporting books. He was a friend and pupil of George Edward Lodge.


BB is remembered as one of the great stalkers and artists of deer whose arts are a great collection of so many paintings that encompasses different landscaping locations. He has not only followed deer at his hometown but due to his unwavering passion of stalking deer, he visited different hilly areas, snowy mountains, plateaus, and in fact forests to capture deer. His style of painting didn't only encapsulate deer being an animal specie but rather it was an approach to uphold the core beauty this creature has added to the earth, which in most places was getting diminished.


BB sketched in various parts of the coastal west but his favourite spot where he painted more than any other place was the Blackmount area of Argyll. Despite having travelled a lot in search of deer, he has remained an influencing figure in  illustrating many books including; Patrick Chalmers Mine Eyes Unto the Hills, The Stalking Letters and Sketches of V.R. Balfour-Browne, The Stalking Letters and Sketches of V.R. Balfour-Browne.


Prints of his work oftentimes created during his lifetime circle in circular form to stimulate the view from a telescope, has always been in an immense demand. Exhibition of his works were mostly executed and held annually in London during his lifetime. There is a wall brass kept in his memory in St. John's  church, Dumfries, where he was a devoted churchman of outstanding generosity. McEwan, in his dictionary of Scottish art, describes Balfour-Browne as "one of the finest Scottish sporting and wildlife artists of any period and arguably the most exceptional painter of red dear."


BB contributed and illustrated a number of sporting books as well. The list contains; Mine eyes unto the hills, The book of the red deer, Game bag and creel, The Prince and The Pedlar, et al.