Pascal Chesneau b. 1967

Pascal Chesneau was born in Brittany, France and is a self-taught sculptor. 


He creates seemingly vanishing wildlife sculptures using reclaimed metal, primarily recycled car parts. His subjects include elephants, polar bears, camels, zebra, gorillas and others. Each sculpture looks to develop an alternative and unusual appearance of the metal, a less geometric and more transparent, airy dimension. Chesneau's work minimizes the matter while still preserving the volumes giving the animal subject as much fragility as power and weight. 


Chesneau was named the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2014. 


Since 2010, a new vision clicked in his mind to have altered the orthodox styles that are antique and can be termed as obsolete. Therefore, with his new school of thought, he drove some concepts of his work based on transparency, which required him to amend the material he would use, which is why today, in his studio, Pascal CHESNEAU designs animal sculptures in his studio recycled steel based on hoods and car roofs. Very much involved for several years in the safeguarding of endangered species, Pascal made sculptures to advocate for the species that were vulnerable to endangered species. He also contributed through his art and designs to convey this message and raise awareness about it.


His signature technique of making and polishing stellar sculptures with missing parts is identical to that of artist Bruno Catalana’s sculpture art. Pascal’s vanishing animal sculptures feature the giraffe, rhinoceros, kangaroos, and other wildlife. Chesneau is remembered to have defeated more than 1,000 entrants to be the victor of the top prize, £10,000. Like all of his disappearing sculptures, his artwork masterpiece is missing substantial pieces from their bodies. His winning sculpture is believed to have been created by using the hood of a car, demonstrating the robustness and transience of an elephant and its spirit.


Wildlife for Chesneau is the main hub. He reckons it as a part of him, and while creating and sculpturing different animals, he lives in them. A devoted, skilfully expert, a passionate artist, and an animal-friendly human are the most impressive souls for diverting his attention toward animals and wildlife. Where many think not of endangered species, he has been striving so hard to save them and bring into them the life they are created for. Chesneau has already created an impact of his life on so many philanthropists, altruists, tourists, and sculptures for carrying both the beauty and brains, internally as well as externally.