Laurence Dingley b. 1959

Laurence Dingley is based in Cornwall and specialises in the plein-air depiction of coastal subjects in Cornwall and Devon. His distinctive style and palette evoke the constantly changing light of the British coast.


Laurence Dingley is recognised as a well-known and well-established artist and painter. His contemporary artists including Zhang Gong, Jorge Coste, Florencia Coll, Sylvain Copon, and Betsy Bauer are of the same generation.


Laurence Dingley was born in 1959 and was brought up during the 1970s and was deeply enthralled by the artistic culture of the time. Conceptualism is many times conceived as a response to Minimalism, and the dominant art movement of the 1970s, putting challenges for the boundaries of art with its revolutionary features. The movements that thrived and made the grade were all characteristic of a strong desire to evolve and strengthen the art world, in reply to the tensions of the preceding decade.


Process art emerged from Conceptualism, encapsulating some of its most unprecedented aspects, but going further in producing mysterious and experimental artistic journeys. Nonetheless, Land Art brought forth creation to the outdoors, commencing early philosophies of environmentalism in the era of Laurence Dingley.


Laurence is enthralled to colour landscapes and seascapes `in situ,` recapturing and portraying the natural light he observes in his cherry-picked subjects. His priorities for the outdoor studio motivates and allows him to move directly from subject to canvas. He does painting so extensively in Britain and Europe.


Seascapes are considered to be of major inspiration to Laurence, and he has gained an unprecedented reputation for his creation of different paintings of coastal water around Devon and Cornwall. As a matter of fact, in his original oil paintings, Laurence has brought out a range of Limited Edition Prints on paper and canvas, and he has continued to add to this particular range each year.


Dingley accepts commissions. For more information please contact us.