Anna Clare Lees-Buckley

Anna Clare Lees-Buckley was educated at Stowe School, Buckinghamshire from 2003 - 2005 (Art Scholar) and then went on to study under the painter Charles H. Cecil from 2005 - 2009 in Florence, Italy.


Her works have been included in group shows such as Chelsea Arts Club Things that Breathe, 2014 and The Other Side, 2015. Later in 2015, a portrait by Anna Clare of Anton' de Piro was published in The National Portrait Gallery of Malta. Other exhibitions include One Embankment's Last Chance Casino; Betting Against Extinction, Synchronicity Event, March 2017; The Hurlingham Club's Annual Art Exhibition, March 2018 and The Gunmakers Evening, May 2018 in Knightsbridge.


Anna Clare is a sporting artist with a particular interest in large scale oil paintings of British game birds. After completing an art scholarship at Stowe School she continued her training at the Florentine atelier Charles H Cecil studios, undergoing a rigorous four years of education, practicing the naturalistic tradition of ‘sight-size’. This classical training underpins the more contemporary style that Anna Clare uses when producing large-scale game birds in flight.


The complexity of grabbing the particular movement of a pair of hen harriers mid-flight, or the dramatic effect of a grouse flying towards you, poses a unique hurdle for the artist. The beauty and power of game birds and birds of prey are illustrated, painted, and shown to great advantage when highlighted in these large-scale portraits & paintings. Unlike the more orthodox pictures of a bird in its habitat, the majority of Anna Clare’s works focus on the bird with a top-level of detail. Viewed at close quarters, the effects of a bird in motion makes for a truly arrestingly exquisite image.


Working specifically from her St Paul’s Studio in Talgarth Road, Anna takes commissions in oil and charcoal. Her London studio usually has a selection of current artworks which can be looked at by private appointment. Daisy, the English Bull Terrier, is oftentimes found at the studio, happening to be a good companion and, on a few occasions, a reluctant model.


A number of key galleries and museums such as Rountree Tryon Galleries, Petworth have featured Anna Clare's arresting paintings. She left a colossal mark on the influential 20th century for being the greatest bird artist ever. Her art reflects unity in diversity. She has painted birds as unique creatures which are created to beautify the world. Her message was simple, to look around and try to help birds to save them from turning into endangered species.