Peter Biegel 1913-1988

Peter Biegel's own passion for racing and hunting gave him a head start in his understanding of sporting subjects. Educated at Downside, he initially began a career working for his father in the city before deciding to enroll at Lucy Kemp Welch's school of animal painting in Bushey. His studies took an unexpected pause when he served in the Wiltshire regiment during the Second World War. Subsequently he worked in Northern Ireland as a claims officer before returning to art and sharing a studio with renowned sporting artist Lionel Edwards.


Peter Biegel, during his entire lifetime, was consistently called 'the best painter of the horse today.' He had been a fine artist trained by the finest, and Peter focused his activity on the greatest racehorses of his time. Peter Biegel was born in Hertfordshire to an Irish mother and Dutch father who was in immense love with horses and hunting. Peter possessed a pony as a boy and often rode to hounds. Upon leaving school, he initially pursued responsibilities and went into his father's family business as a steel broker in London, which he loathed. In 1938 the business collapsed and miserably failed, and with his small savings, Peter Biegel became a disciple of that great equine artist Lucy Kemp-Welch. With the onset of war, his art studies once again took a back seat until he was wounded in the leg and returned home.


He not only played racing and went hunting everywhere, but he painted both these sporting activities with his oil and watercolour tools. His paintings were regarded as beguiling and the most aesthetic of portraits. He made paintings of horses' faces, decorated them with watercolours, and exhibited all of his works made for racing. He received a handful of people in his appreciation for the work he would create occasionally.


Peter Biegel's work has been displayed and revealed at auction several times, with realized prices have ranged from $96 to $27,151, based on the artwork's size, elegance, and medium. In 1998 the record price for Peter Biegel at auction was $27,151 for Hunters in a Field, sold at Christie's London in 2008. Peter, one of the renowned artists for his passion for hunting and racing, died in 1988.