David Ord Kerr British, b. 1952

David Ord Kerr has a background in zoology, botany and painting. Early in his career he accompanied the Wallace Expedition to the Amazon, producing drawings for the British Museum. On his return to the UK he trained at the Royal Academy, winning prizes for anatomy drawing and landscape paintings.

Kerr is best known for his bird paintings, though, and particularly for producing highly detailed, anatomically accurate paintings of exotic birds in glowing, jewel-like colours. The result is a unique kind of realism that often seems paradoxically dreamlike in its vividness.


He has made numerous research trips; these have included a return to the Amazon, as well as to the Kalahari desert and the Middle East. He has been involved in conservation, with commissions from the World Wildlife Fund and the sustainable wood fibre company Sappi (he produced twelve paintings for their 1990 'Kingfishers and Bee Eaters of South Africa' project). 

Based in Norfolk, Kerr is a founder member of the Norfolk Guild of Norwich Painters and has worked with the Norfolk Naturalists' Trust. He has illustrated three field guides on the birds of North America and has exhibited in both the United States and South Africa. He has been represented by the Tryon since the 1980s, where he has held regular successful solo exhibitions.


He is remembered to have worked as a painter till 1978, when as a member of the Wallace Expedition to the Amazon, he played the role of an expedition artist producing drawing fish for the British Museum and plant drawings to help with a monkey breeding mission at Chester Zoo. He got selected as one in every of a hundred Artists from round the arena commissioned to provide works to be bought to raise cash for the World Wide Fund.


Every 12 months the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin holds a prestigious "Birds in Art" occasion looking to offer the very first-rate cutting-edge creative interpretations of birds and associated concern matter. Approximately one hundred works are decided on with the aid of using a jury evaluation of slides - David`s paintings have been chosen on several occasions for numerous academies, be that Royal Academy or any school art Gallery. His jaw-dropping works will always be decorating the world of art with their stupendous vibrance, sublime looks, aesthetic feel, and thought-provoking themes. However, with a criticism equal to a pinch of salt on him couldn't shake his passion because the appreciation he'd received was unmatched. He withstood many setbacks in his life to not bend over.


David's work after 2000 has gotten further shine. His work now encompasses a wide range of subjects. David has undertaken a series of thirty mesmerising paintings of birds and animals native to a particular Middle East country. These artworks are believed to form part of an extensive Royal collection. He resides in Norfolk with his better half and two children, "commuting" each day to an old Methodist chapel which he has bought as a studio in 1998, His companion at work is recognized as someone with the name hawk - "Pallas' ' which he flies locally.