Holly Hickmore

Holly Hickmore has a passion for sculpture which is equalled by her love of the countryside. After studying at Hartpury College, she trained at The Hungarian School of Art. Here, she was exposed to a classical education with a strong grounding in anatomy.
Hickmore strives to find the essence of her subject, to create a felt response through a continual dialogue between form, material and subject. Hickmore is represented in a number of galleries across the south of England and is currently the sculptor in residence at Sandown Park Racecourse.


Holly Hickmore is remembered to have trained in classical sculpture using the lost wax technique at one of the finest universities, Hungarian University of Fine Art in Budapest.  She has also been a part of workers who contributed towards the marble and mixed media that encompasses wood, cement, wire, tin and bread!


She graduated with a BA in Fine and Applied Art in 2016 at Canterbury. Furthermore, back in Hampshire Hickmore praised the peace of Brockwood Barn, where she adored being able to have experimented with a variety of materials.


Holly’s sculptures, her mesmerizing artwork and oil paintings mostly depict and put light on an equine theme. Having spent much of her childhood on horseback across West Meon, She has been regarded as the pioneer of producing some stellar paintings about horse-racing at West Meon. Her beliefs about capturing the subject’s strength, energy, personality, movement and state of mind is vividly reflected and understood in each piece of her art. She has exhibited her artwork all over the country and fortunately her work has been applauded by her contemporaries as well as new learners.


Holly has a studio and foundry in Hampshire, where she has devoted her life to sculpture. Holly is inspired by the wildlife and livestock that surround her studio and is often horse-themed. Holly was educated at the Hungarian Academy of Arts. She was part of her rigorous research program, spending hours in her habitat, attending a veterinary school section and stimulating her interest in biomechanics. Holly brought her work to life by sensitively and intuitively searching for the essence of her subject via a continuous dialectic between her materials, shape and subject. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the Sandown Park Racecourse.


'‚ÄčTo find something as intangible as the soul is a fascinating conundrum, the quest to bring clay to life will always fuel my work.' - Holly Hickmore