Robert Taylor Pritchett 1828-1907

Robert Taylor Pritchett had a diversecareer as a painter, master draughtsman and gun manufacturer. In itself, his career as an artist was similarly wide-ranging and varied. He first exhibited work at the Royal Academy in 1851 and was to do so again in 1852, 1869 and 1871. During the 1860s he was on the staff of Punch magazine for which he did twenty-six drawings. From the late 1860s to the late 1880s Pritchett travelled to the Netherlands, Norway, around the world (1880-82) with Joseph Lambert and his wife and he accompanied Sir Thomas and Lady Brassey aboard their ship, 'Sunbeam' in 1883 and 1885. His extensive travels helped to bring many parts of the world alive for his audiences.


As a watercolourist, Robert Taylor Pritchett benefited enormously from the patronage of the Royal Family and in particular of Queen Victoria. She bought two of his watercolours of Scotland in 1868 and went on to commission over eighty of events surrounding her Golden and Diamond Jubilees of 1887 and 1897 and of family events including the christenings of Princess Beatrice and Prince Henry of Battenberg at Balmoral in November 1887.