Amanda Page British, b. 1957

Amanda Page graduated from Brighton School of Art in 1980, specialising in design and illustration. She was granted a travel scholarship with Mitchell Beazley studying fine art publication in Europe. Subsequently, she has exhibited her work in many British galleries. Her technique of painting freely with heavily diluted oils allowed her to explore an impressionist style structured with her graphic training and influenced by artists such as Toulouse Lautrec and Gustav Klimt. Belief in the importance of being able to draw was firmly imparted by tutoring from Philip Ardizonne, John Vernon Lord, and Philip Moysey.

From these beginnings Amanda Page diversified into a new, challenging and exciting medium, painting with paper referred to as assemblages. These are complex renditions involving the cutting, tearing and etching of paper. The colours are selected from the printed page and to add interest, applicable words are pulled from found text and used in new sentences. These are secreted within the work to give secondary appeal and challenge to the viewer.


Amanda's work is now in the collections of clients world wide including the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates. Commissions have come from as far afield as Australia, New York and Texas and closer to home, Kensington and Tunbridge Wells.