J. Steven Dews b. 1949

Dews inherited his passion for the sea from his grandfather, an assistant harbour master in Hull, while his love of art was cemented at the age of five, when his picture of a ship was displayed on the wall of his infant school. 

As an experienced yachtsman, Dews approaches his work as an artist with a combination of technical understanding and deep appreciation for the sea. His accurate knowledge and attention to detail is matched by a skill for portraying the marine elements of wind, sea and sky.


Since the explosive success of his first exhibition at the Tryon in 1976, Dews has shown regularly with the gallery and his work continues to be highly prized among collectors. Many yacht owners have commissioned portraits of their vessels, and his work is equally in demand from institutions. Notable commissions have included records of the Australian Bicentennial Celebrations (from the Marine Board of NSW in 1988), the New York Yacht Club 150th birthday regatta at Newport, RI (1994) and the America's Cup Jubilee Regatta (from the Royal Yacht Squadron in 2001).



Steven Dews is famous for loving and living the subject he used to paint. It is believed about him that if he's not even painting the maritime scenes, he himself would be found at sea enjoying and feeling the breeze. He is not only a painter of maritime art but has been serving his life as a yachtsman. Steven brought his knowledge and perception of sailing to the composition and subject matter having detail in his paintings. All this, together with a mastery of technique and skill set of sublime talent, has made it possible to capture wind, sea, and sky, raising his work to be highly prized amongst collectors.


Steven described, praised and recognized to the world by Sotheby's of London, has said, "the best, there's nobody else to touch him" Steven Dews is an artist at the peak of his profession. Steven Dews's love affair with art and the sea commenced at an earlier age. He inherited his devotion and craze for ships and the sea from his grandfather, who remained an Assistant Harbour Master in Hull.


Steven Dews created an amazing portfolio for his first exhibition in 1976, and, on the exhibition's first night, it is believed that virtually his whole collection was sold out high-priced. Fortunately, in the forthcoming year, he managed to arrange an exhibition in San Francisco, which also sold out and boosted Dews' morale. Since then, Steven Dews has been producing and exhibiting regularly at the top-most galleries in London and across the world. Steven is now commissioned a few years in advance.