William Sidney Cooper British, 1854-1927

William Sidney Cooper trained at the Canterbury art school of his great-uncle, Thomas Sidney Cooper (1803-1902). Like his mentor, the younger Cooper specialised in landscapes, often with livestock, but the latter became particularly famous for his paintings of cattle. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Watercolour Society.


William Sidney Cooper was a British landscape artist, recognized for his paintings of the Countryside around Herne Bay in Kent. William Sidney married in 1882, and later on in 1889, he had moved on to Herne Bay in Kent where he resided and spent the rest of his life. Interestingly, people remember him as a great and prudent painter but, he was a keen golfer and was blessed with a plethora of talent regarding two sports, Tennis and Bowls. Furthermore, he dwelled too much in music and is believed to have taken part in so many music events as a musician. An artist who used to paint, play music, and was a great player of Tennis and Bowls. He built many houses in and around Canterbury, the best known being Alcroft Grange (Where the dreaded Podgers lived for a while).


Majority of William's art reflects the countryside around Herne Bay and oftentimes encompasses cattle (which is believed to be his specialty) alongside sheep as in his Champion Uncle's work. He left this world in 1927 and is buried with great honour in the churchyard at Eddington, Kent.


He is best remembered for his paintings of cattle and landscapes. To capture such scenes and paint through his watercolours or oils, he would visit mountains, valleys, and fields along with cattlemen. His best and top-notch art contains the portraits of pastoral scenes where cows would feed and drink from nearby rivers. Cooper's such passion was evoked when he spent his life's most important days with his uncle who had the same inclination towards livestock and pastoral scenes. It has been almost 9 decades he has left the world but his paintings still ask for more attention and appreciation due their charm and aesthetics.