June 15: not a moment too soon

Antiques Trade Gazette

'Despite the difficult challenges, dealers are delighted to open their doors once again.'


This week's Antiques Trade Gazette discusses the challenges that dealers have faced over three months of lockdown. 


'For members of the antiques trade in England, June 15th is set to be a momentous occasion'... 'It is a moment to be optimistic for dealers, centre managers and fair organisers alike, though many remain cautious.'... 'As they prepare, dealers and organisers are taking steps to ensure saftey for all involved and are crucially calling on public common sense to make the reopening a success.'...


'Jamie Rountree of Rountree Tryon Gallery had planned to launch a show in London last week before moving it to his Petworth space. Now he has postponed the exhibition to run only in Petworth. The Sussex gallery is currently open by appointment only for collections or viewing specific items, but both locations will open to the public on the 15th. "Our priority is the safety of visitors and we will adhering to social-distancing guidelines within the gallery. The number of visitors at any one time will be capped at four, with hand sanitiser readily available and surfaces regularly cleaned as usual," Rountree said. 

June 9, 2020
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