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The enduring popularity of Landseer - Patrick Laurie

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"When it comes to sporting art, a handful of names stand head and shoulders above the crowd. It often feels like everyone has heard of Stubbs or Snaffles, and prints of work by Archibald Thorburn are so common that they are almost cliché. But looking in at the world of oil and charcoal from a position of relative ignorance, my eye is sternally drawn to the grandfather of sporting art; Sir Edwin Landseer. A hundred and fifty years after his death, his work is ubiquitous; reproduced on shortbread boxes and whisky bottles all the way to Tokyo."...


"Jamie Rountree at Rountree Tryon Galleries sells a number of Landseer works every year, and he believes that while interest from traditional sporting art collectors has declined over the last two decades, Landseer has weathered the change well. Explaining why this eminent Victorian has shown such staying power, Jamie says "his work bridges the gap between box-office popularity and academic interest; he's able to draw audiences from all backgrounds". It helps that Landseer's paintings often focussed on timeless subjects like wildlife and dogs - a Landseer oil painting entilted 'Blenheim Spaniel' is currently for sale at Rountree Tryon, but it may not be available for long. Even simple drawings are keenly snapped up by an insatiable public interest in the grandfather of this medium."... 

July 21, 2020
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