Rodger McPhail: London 16 - 18 May, Petworth 20 May - 3 June

'This exhibition marks my 25th one-man show and 50 years of collaboration with The Tryon Gallery.

That half century has gone by rather more rapidly than I would have liked and life continues to accelerate. The years, as they say, are like toilet rolls – they go round faster as you get near the end.

But what wonderful years they have been! The life of a wildlife artist is hardly arduous and the perks are tremendous. I have followed the gallery from Aylmer Tryon’s original premises on Dover Street, then to Cork Street, Bury Street and now to Petworth.

I count myself extremely lucky to have been with such a prestigious establishment for so long and that my relationship with proprietors and staff over the decades has been such a happy one. It has also been a great pleasure to meet so many of the hugely talented artists and sculptors in the Rountree Tryon stable.

How much longer I will be able to hang on to a paintbrush and my faculties remains to be seen, but I trust this will not be the last time that my work hangs here in the gallery that I’m proud and privileged to have been associated with for fifty years.'

Rodger McPhail


On view in London: 16 - 18 May (Private View 16 May 6-8pm)
On view in Petworth: 20 May - 3 June