Charlotte J Williams b. 1970

Charlotte J. Williams is a wildlife artist who is predominantly self-taught. Her love of animals and of the wild has been a life-long passion, she began drawing animal portraits at the age of 10.  She later spent several years working out in the African bush and being completely immersed in nature, she would spend hours just walking, observing and drawing.

On her return, Williams carried on with her art in Brighton and was a finalist for Best Sussex Artist, had several successful shows in Brighton and in London and sold her entire portfolio to a collector.  Her passion for conservation is also paramount and her drawing of Cecil the Lion which gained national press coverage was auctioned to raise funds against poaching and she continues to be a huge supporter of many conservation efforts.

With every piece of work Williams sets out to capture what is behind the eyes of each of her subjects. Her aim is for you to feel them, to know them. Her knowledge and love for these animals shines through in every one of her meticulous drawings.