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Rountree Fine Art are delighted to offer an additional service in the highly specialised field of Antiquities. If you are looking to begin collecting ancient art or simply need some help buying, selling, valuing, cataloguing or authenticating antiquities, we can offer assistance.

Chantelle Rountree has over twelve years experience working with Antiquities and can provide sound and practical advice in this complex field. Whether you have concerns over Antiquities laws and legislation, export and import regulation, fakes and forgeries, provenance, restoration or mounting we can offer advice.

Chantelle worked at Bonhams for 10 years in the Antiquities Department and as Director of the Department from 2007-2009. Subsequently she became the Antiquities curator for one of the world’s largest private collectors in London and Doha. She is now an independent consultant offering commercial and academic advice on a range of ancient art from 4000 B.C - 1000 A.D.


Ancient Egyptian Art,
Ancient Greek Art,
Roman Art,
Ancient Near Eastern Art,
Prehistoric and European Art,
Byzantine Art.

So if you are looking for a Roman marble bust from the 1st Century A.D., an ancient Egyptian mummy mask from the New Kingdom, or even a strikingly simple Neolithic axe to fit in a contemporary context and need some help, please contact our expert on

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by Telephone on +44 (0) 207 839 8083 on Monday to Friday between 10am - 6pm or use our Contact Form to E-Mail us.

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